Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Internet Things...

I thought I'd post a link to an internet site I made last year for BBC Scotland;

Skara Brae

I made the artwork, animations, etc and a talented colleague did all the very clever Action Script stuff. The text and some of the details seems to of changed slightly somewhere between it being sent off to the BBC and the website going live, I assume it's a programming thing so until I learn a bit more about that you shall have to except that the finished version I made was a bit neater! I've made one other flash website, but it isn't publicly accessible, which is yet another educational thing! And, I thought I'd upload a set of icons made in flash that were designed for another BBC website, but one where the Beeb was so taken with the concept that they're remaking it so as to be integrated into the site proper, or so I believe... Anyway, here are the (now defunct) icons:

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