Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Personal Bits and Pieces.

A couple of pieces to do with my lovely girlfriend, Susan. The first is a few of a series of sketches I produced quickly for a brochure she was tasked to make, for students and parents, about exam revision. Riveting stuff! Which is why I did these, to enliven things from the usual generic clip art that these things tend to contain. Anyway, it's no masterpiece, but here are the pictures:

This next picture is a series I did for Susan's birthday. On the left is a slightly touched up sketch (originally done on a post-it note, but as this is now stuck to the back of the final canvas and I've lost the original scan, it's the closest to a starting point I have available to show), in the middle is a computer coloured version of it, from which I used the black layer to create a stencil that I used to make the final piece on the right. It's a really bad photo though, the real thing looks a bit better...

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