Monday, 9 February 2009

Teachers TV...

My day job involves working as an editor on TTV, both in an offline (chopping up the footage and making it into a programme) and online (creating a broadcast-able version, and colour-correction too, as the company I work at is quite small) capacity. Anyway, I tend to encourage the use of graphics in the programmes we make to enliven both the programmes and my job, so I thought I'd upload some pics to do with that, and then some video clips in the future, maybe. So the first thing is this comic cover I designed for a programme to help kids learn French. As we can't use copyrighted things without paying lots of money I got to spend a few hours designing this. It's a bit rough but I liked the look of the final thing. I very rarely colour my pics, so it's nice to see something in a style I would choose to use in a state more finished than say, scribbled on a post-it note.

I did some "special effects" (they were well special!) for the programme too, for instance, these magically appearing geese:

After this, the girl on the left morphs into a giant goose. I kid you not... It's probably as amazing as the first time you watched Stargate, or something.

Okay, to finish up, here are some stills from a TTV project that never really got off the ground;

I was working on an animated version of the Aesop fable, The Lion and the Mouse. It would of taken too long though, and so will never be. Booo!

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