Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Video Things...

These are three little video stings I made for a set of educational films that never saw the light of day. Because the films were never finished the animations only exist in the rough form that I'm putting up here, but are kinda fun and you may enjoy them.

As the video quality is pretty sucky, I've just uploaded the one for now, I need to figure out a decent solution to this for the future, as a lot of the stuff I'd like to upload is video based.


I've also added advertising to my blog, mostly as I'm curious as to how it works. Mostly it just seems to be adverts to get rid of bad breath, I'm not sure how keen on that I am really. If they don't get better then I'll get rid of them, but the idea it could make me money is nice. If very, very unlikely! Someone would have to actually be looking at the blog first of all...

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