Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Short Film: Remember Me

I did a colour grade for some students graduation film at UWE, so thought I'd upload a few stills from it, and if it goes online I'll put a link to it here also. The film is called Remember Me, and was a nice change from the documentary work I normally do.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Boris the Vampire

I just put this up on Vimeo, it's a title sting I made with the intention of using it in an TTV episode I edited, but left out due to time constraints. It's a silly bit of fun, made very quickly. It was also my first use of the puppet tool, which I'm quite enamoured with!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Remastered films!

I only had really crappy, small, compressed versions of my three university films, and so I spent a bit of time the other day cleaning them up and upscaling them, so I have them at a decent quality for the future. They're up on Vimeo, but I'll embed them here, too.

Moth Exodus from Michael Lansdell on Vimeo.

The Boy with a Hole in his Head from Michael Lansdell on Vimeo.

Leaving Nowhere from Michael Lansdell on Vimeo.




I drew a monster in response to a post by Warren Ellis over on the forums for the excellent Freak Angels webcomic. The thread is here, if you're interested? I did this very quickly, it's little more than a sketch really. I'm quite pleased with it, though.

(Fiddled with it a bit more, hence the edit)