Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Story Starts: Beliefs and Values

I've just completed another offline, grade and graphics job on an episode of TTV. Another Story Starts programme, this one is on "Beliefs and Values" rather than maths or science. Below are some stills from the programme;


"Animal Rights"


There were seven programmes in total, "Selflessness" and "Telling the Truth" were probably the best two, I'll try and upload clips of them when the dub has been completed. Again, this programme was good fun to work on, and allowed me to do some fun graphics work, some of which will be highlighted in the clips I upload.


Clips are now uploaded, here are the sections; "Selflessness", "Animal Rights" and "Telling Lies".

Telling the Truth from Michael Lansdell on Vimeo.

This clip doesn't have any fancy graphics in it, but it's the closest thing I've done to straight drama, and I quite like it!

Selflessness from Michael Lansdell on Vimeo.

This clip was a lot of fun to work on! For a start, it's got soldiers and shooting in it, and secondly, I had to make it look like they're shooting, which was fun to do and came together quite well. The planes flying overhead took quite a bit of work in terms of timing, etc, but in the end came together quite well. Not bad for an afternoons work!

There's one left to add, but Vimeo is taking it's time, so will update later.

(I'll unlock these once they're broadcast, for now they're waiting, biding there time...)


Videos are now unlocked and watch-able, as the film has been broadcast :o)

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