Monday, 1 June 2009

TTV - More Science Starters

Not the most exciting sounding blog post, but I've just finished the edit, grade and effects for another episode of TTV, this one being seven lesson starters for Primary level Science. I'd previously mentioned this programme in my Boris the Vampire post, below. I'll post a link to the programme once it's up on the TTV website. In the mean time, here's a still from each programme:

This is the "Boris the Vampire" Clip, for this I created an aged film look, to give it the apearance of old horror films, and did some graphics in AFX in the form of thought bubbles that appear with animals that relate to the teeth he's examining.

This clip was about springs, and featured a rabbit who had lost the ability to jump being leant a hand by some Pro-jumpers (those funny bouncy-feet people).

This is a still ffrom a short documentory form clip, about different rock types.

This is a screen from a clip about a girl, who, whilst pretending to be an artic explorer, finds some frozen wooly mammoths in her freezer, and thaws them out.

Another documentory short, explaning how hot air balloons work.

This was a clip about how your heart rate is affected by exercise, I made the simple ECM style overlay in After Effects, and comp-ed it all together in FCP.

Filmed during the day, this clip about a janitor trying to build shelves required footage from a sunny day to be made to look like night time, and lights coming back on in the house behind. I created the lighting effects in After Effects, the moon was done very simply in Final Cut, as was the night time look of the whole scene. It ended up being much more effective than I expected!

It was a fun episode to work on, I enjoy these story starts episodes. The next one I'm doing is similar, so I look forward to hopefully having somemore fun clips/screens to put up.


Here's some clips from this programme;

Boris the Vampire

Boris the Vampire from Michael Lansdell on Vimeo.


Light from Michael Lansdell on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoy these :o)

(They're locked until broadcast, though. I'll unlock them then, sorry!)


Unlocked now, as the film has been broadcast, enjoy!

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