Thursday, 30 July 2009

Dhag Dheer Screening

First post of any substance in a while...

Before going away for my well-earned (well, I certainly think so!) holiday, we had the Premiere screening of Dhag Dheer at the Watershed, the 100 or so students involved from the City Academy Bristol came along, saw the completed film for the first time, got photographed by us and a local paper, filmed by a television crew from Sudan and had a really good time! Here's some of my crappy mobile phone pics from the event, hoprfully I'll be able to get some better ones for the future :o)

The Bristol Evening Post ran a brief story about the film just before the premiere.

RELIEF! The tape works!

The kids pose for a photograph (not this one, though!).

Oliver (the director tutor), get's interviewd for a news programme for Sudan's television network. They roped Jake (the offline editor tutor) in for camera duties by this point!

The reception to the film so far has been fantastic. The funders have asked for the charity to pitch for the next project already and it all seems to of come together brilliantly! Now the only things left to do are to get a website up for the film so the kids and anyone else can watch the film whenever they want and to enter it into various festivals, we may even get some of the kids some free holidays if it does well!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Videos unlocked!

Just a quick note to say that the videos here and here are now viewable, as they have been broadcast. You can view them in their original contexts here, as well as many other films I've worked on :o)

Oh, and it's the premiere of Dhag Dheer tonight, at the Watershed in Bristol, should be fun, there may be photo's, will post if so.

Other than that I don't seem to have quite so much to upload this month, and August is likely to be quiet too (holiday, woo!).

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Two characters for a pitch

We're sending a pitch off for the BBC, I drew these characters for it very quickly (like, an hour, tops!) this afternoon, enjoy!