Friday, 6 November 2009

Such a long time!

What on earth have I been doing since to 9th of September!? Almost two months ago, it's truely disgraceful of me, sorry... Well, apart from finishing off our latest BBC 4 doc at work (Shooting The War, will be aired some time in February), I've had non-seasonal flu, and went to the Grierson Awards at the BFI last week because the Story of Agriculture (which I graded) was nominated in the best historical documentary category, although we unfortunately lost to Thriller In Manilla.
Not done much else, but did do a bit of storyboarding recently for my friend Lizz, so I thought I'd post some of those up:

I'm sure she won't mind...

1 comment:

Lizz said...

Well I DO mind!!

Ha no not really. Woo you're blogging again! :o)